IoT - Internet of Things

Securing ICS devices is especially challenging because of the vast interconnected attack surface and the inherent vulnerability of IoT devices.  Bushido has developed a passive method to document and assess the security posture of your IoT devices and networks, including SCADA, DCS, PLC, and others.  Using the NIST 800-82 framework, Bushido has the expertise to strengthen your IoT security controls by implementing intrusion detection capabilities to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover cyber threats to your IoT infrastructure.



Moving to the cloud can be a cost effective alternative, but only if designed and implemented properly and securely. Bushido can help with all aspects of cloud migrations -- architecture design for co-location or full transition; identity and access management; applications and data cybersecurity; day-to-day systems operations and security monitoring; and audits of existing cloud implementations.

Incident Response

Bushido provides critical investigative services to analyze incidents, mitigate their impact across your critical infrastructure, and implement best practices against future attacks.

Cyber Hunt

Increasingly sophisticated attacks require a more proactive role in repetitively probing networks, access, and data to detect threats that evade traditional cyber tools. Bushido offers expertise in combatting theTactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of advanced adversaries.


Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

Bushido uses open source and commercial tools to identify vulnerabilities and provide management with mitigation recommendations to ensure that the organization’s security implementation provides the expected protection.


Penetration Testing

Bushido offers penetration testing services to reveal security weaknesses, test security policy compliance, uncover exploit vulnerabilities, and report suggestions for improvement.


Reverse Engineering

Bushido excels in reverse engineering media and software to find and analyze malware, understand what it does, and determine how to detect and remove it.


Management and Technical Services

Bushido can enhance your existing management, IT, and cybersecurity staff with national cyber center recognized skills, knowledge and experience in requirements analysis, gap analysis, process flow, capacity planning, policy compliance, auditing, best practice implementation, and systems engineering.



Whether you want to create a stronger culture of security in your organization with awareness training or you need more advanced cybersecurity techniques training for your SOC staff, Bushido Associates has qualified subject matter experts to assist.